DefiSign Life Online

Get connected. Be prepared. Save a life.

The Defisign Life Online is the future of defibrillators. It comes with a direct connection to the LifeDataNet G2 and provides real time data. With a 10 (!) year warranty.

10 Year Guarantee!

Our defibrillator is manufactured from high quality materials and components. Hence we can confidently offer a guarantee period of 10 years. Unique to the defibrillator market.

Plug & Play

Once the battery is installed in the defibrillator, the device is automatically connected and ready for use.

Online via LifeDataNet G2

The device is connected throughout the G2 network, so there is no need for an internet connection.

Automatic Status Checks

Once connected to the LifeDataNet, the AED will perform self-tests and send out a weekly update.

Remote software updates

When available, software updates will be processed automatically through the LifeDataNet. This defibrillator will no longer need to be sent to the supplier for updates.


Delivered standard with 3 languages. Different combinations are possible.

AED of the future

Whilst connected to the LifeDataNet G2, you are always updated with the latest info on the defibrillator. Software updates and data imports are now easier than ever! All of which can be done from a distance.

Defisign Life Online = Plug & Play

Once the battery is installed, the AED is automatically connected to the LifeDataNet. No need for an internet connection due to the G2 network. Whilst activated, the defibrillator performs a weekly self-test.

From baby to adult

The Defisign Life Online comes with a special child CPR protocol. Children or adults (up to 25kg) need special electrodes, which can be stored in the back of the defibrillator. These paediatric electrodes adjust the energy level to accommodate the smaller body mass.  This allows the DefiSign Life Online to be used for every target group; From baby to adult. 

Everyone can save a life with DefiSign

DefiSign Life Online

Get Connected. Be Prepared. Save a life.